Debate during the 7th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress

Debate during the 7th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress
Debate during the 7th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress
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Debate during the 7th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress

The 7th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress whose substantive partner was, among others, FLUKAR, was held in Olsztyn on 24-25 October 2019. The Deputy Technical Project Coordinator took an active part in the discussion panel entitled Green Technologies and the Environment. The following issues were discussed:

  1. 1. Is Polish local government green?
  2. 2. Strategies for waste reduction.
  3. 3. Technology at the service of the environment.
  4. 4. Illegal waste management. Ways to solve the problem.
  5. 5. Closed-circuit economy.
  6. 6. Environmental consulting – an indispensable tool for supporting companies and institutions.

The following persons participated in the discussion:

  1. 1. Grzegorz Nieradka – Deputy Technical Project Coordinator – FLUKAR Sp. z o.o.
  2. 2. Bernard Jaskulski – President of the Management Board of BEST-EKO Sp. z o.o.
  3. 3. Łukasz Kulikowski CTO ArtAgro Polska.
  4. 4. Kai Nagel – Quality and Process Management Mercedes-Benz Polska
  5. 5. Antoni Majcherczyk – President of the Board of the Municipal and Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant in Oświęcim,

and, moderator Tomasz Koprowiak – Energy Adviser to the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Olsztyn. Several dozen people were present.

The subject matter perfectly matched the problems that are currently being discussed within the LIFE EMU NEW Project Team. Bearing in mind that the recipients of the products manufactured on the pilot line are mainly public entities, the market for bitumen or bitumen emulsions modified with waste polymer depends on their requirements set in the Description of the Contract Subject or in the criteria for tenders.

During the debate, the technology developed and tested within the project was presented. The type of waste polymer and the market for this raw material was of particular interest. The processing of waste into a raw material and its reuse should be the most frequent research issue at the present time – bearing in mind, in particular, the dwindling natural resources and increasing quantities of waste.

Apart from participation in conferences and debates held according to the theme and plan proposed by the organiser, Flukar Sp. z o.o. employees were on duty at the stand during the congress to hold individual talks with interested parties and to distribute information and promotional materials on the project, as well as other innovative and ecological activities of the company.

The debate was concluded with a summary and hope that thanks to the funding, entrepreneurs will more and more often select ecological projects instead of standard ones, and the legal environment will be conducive to the profitability of such investments.

According to the organisers, the congress was attended by 1,500 people.