Międzynarodowa debata LIFE EMU NEW we Francji

LIFE EMU NEW International Debate in France
LIFE EMU NEW International Debate in France
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LIFE EMU NEW International Debate in France

On March 19, 2019, at MOUVEX in Auxerre, an international debate was held devoted to the issues related to the implementation of the project entitled “A pro-ecological pilot plant for the production of bitumen emulsions modified with waste polymer nanostructures (LIFE EMU NEW).

The debate was attended by:

1.On behalf of Flukar Sp. z o.o.:

  • Dariusz Żłobiński, Technological Process Specialist
  • Jarosław Wiertel, Mechanical Structures  Specialist
  • Artur Praisnar, Head of the Production Plant in Kędzierzyn-Koźle

2.Other participants:

  • representatives of Mouvex – France
  • representatives of ANTOM – Poland
  • other interested parties – France

During the debate, the following was presented:

1.The history, objectives and assumptions of the LIFE program (Jarosław Wiertel)

2.Stage of implementation of the LIFE EMU NEW project (Dariusz Żłobiński) – multimedia presentation

3.Flukar investments – a circular economy model (Artur Praisnar) – multimedia presentation

During the debate, two papers were delivered:

Innovative technology for the production of double-modified bitumen emulsions in the development policy of Flukar Sp. z o.o. – Dariusz Żłobiński, Technological Process Specialist Debate, Auxerre, France, 19 March 2019.

Polymer waste management – Dariusz Żłobiński, Technological Process Specialist

The first speech discussed the market for plastics and polymer waste in Poland.Next, attention was paid to the innovative aspect of the LIFE EMU NEW Project under implementation, discussing selected issues from research reports prepared by the Cracow University of Technology.The mechanism of producing polymer nanofibers was discussed in detail while presenting a diagram of the electrospinning station.The participants of the debate were also shown the schematic diagram of the pilot installation for the production of double-modified bitumen emulsions.The Project Coordinator Deputy discussed in detail the process taking place at each technological node.Also pictures from the construction and unloading of the installation elements were presented.The audience drew a lot of interest in a schematic summary of the organization and vision of the development policy of the Flukar company being the beneficiary of the LIFE Program. The main idea, i.e. transforming waste into a full-value product, reflects the real implementation of the policy of sustainable development and the concept of a circular economy.Numerical values and parameters were also presented, which are proof of the pro-ecological efficiency of a technological solution.Finally, the benefits for road engineering and a summary of all discussed issues were presented.

The second paper presented the global development of the plastics industry and compared the level of polymer waste management in Poland and the European Union. The basic legal acts regulating the functioning of industries dealing with the waste market were also mentioned.Also, different types of waste recycling were discussed, including material recycling, raw material recycling and energy recycling.The currently used modifiers of asphalt binders were discussed, characteristic for their excellent parameters, but their drawback is the method of manufacturing in high-energy, and therefore non-ecological, petrochemical processes. Finally, the operation of the node liquefaction, purification and modification of polymers waste was discussed as it is necessary to require the Cracow University of Technology to conduct studies on the clarification of parameters.

Following the presentations, a panel discussion took place, which included a series of questions addressed to the project employees. During the discussion, the results of research performed as part of the project by the Cracow University of Technology were covered, the technology of modified bitumen production was presented, the operation system of the prototype was discussed as well as a plan for translating the project into an industrial scale.