12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów

12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów
12th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów
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The 12th edition of the international Europe-Ukraine Forum was held in the G2A Arena in Jasionka n/Rzeszów, on 24-25 January 2019. The event was organized by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies (organizer of the Economic Forum in Krynica) with the support of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship authorities, and was accompanied by the 3rd Eastern Fair. The main topics were “Economy and Development” and “European Integration and Reforms”.

  1. The Technical Deputy Project Coordinator took part in several thematic blocks, including: “Caring for the natural environment as a motivation for international cooperation”, during which “The Comprehensive Waste Management Program” was presented. The hosts, Tamas Hoffmann – Managing Director, Terram Kft, Hungary,  László Jámbor – Commercial Director, MUT Hungária , Hungary. A conversation followed: “Discussing the environment “- Sławomir Mazurek. Special guest: Sławomir Mazurek – Undersecretary of State, Ministry of the Environment, Poland. Host: Marcin Pawlak – Journalist, TVP SA, Poland.
  2. “How to effectively build an innovative economy? Experiences – inspirations – strategies”, during which the presentation “Support for foreign expansion of Polish entrepreneurs in Ukraine – PAIH and ZBH in Kiev” took place. The host: Karol Kubica – Head of the Foreign Trade Office in Kiev, Polish Investment and Trade Agency SA, Ukraine Partner: The AdWisers. A conversation was then held on “How to effectively build an innovative economy? Experiences – inspirations – strategies.”

Participation in the 3rd Eastern Fair:

The 3rd Eastern Fair was also opened as part of the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum on 24 January 2019. Several dozen exhibitors and representatives of various industries presented themselves during the fair.