Global scale innovation Polish company will build pilot installation for production of bitumen emulsions

Flukar Sp. z o.o. is a private Polish company based in Katowice (previously in Iwonicz-Zdrój), which deals in the production of lubricants. Its production plant is located at the refinery in Jasło, and soon another plant in Kędzierzyn-Koźle will be launched. The entire group employs about 200 people.

The company’s development strategy focuses on innovative technological solutions. Hence the decision of the Management Board on the implementation of the project entitled “Ecological pilot plant for the production of bitumen emulsions modified with waste polymer nanostructures” (abbreviated LIFE EMU NEW). The company experts of Flukar developed a global-scope concept of innovative technology that will contribute to solving some of the problems associated with the management of polymer waste, which include most plastics, such as the popular PET bottles, plastic packaging and disposable bags.

Our technology has been recognized by European and national institutions. The application was approved and obtained funding from the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under the LIFE Program, which is the only European Union financial instrument devoted exclusively to co-financing projects in the field of environmental and climate protection, says Grzegorz Nieradka, Deputy Project Coordinator for Technical Issues.

The LIFE EMU NEW project is a highly advanced technical and ecological project whose primary goal is to demonstrate innovative technology that allows to obtain bitumen emulsions modified with nanostructures from waste polymers, characteristic for their improved strength and strain parameters compared to those currently used in road engineering. The project website states, that innovative technical solutions assume the cooperation of four technological nodes: the production of modified bitumen, the production of nanofibers, liquefaction, purification and modification of waste polymers and emulsion production.

The pro-ecological value of our project is demonstrated by large-scale application of waste polymers. Thanks to this technology, thousands of tons of plastic waste will be used for the production of asphalt binder modifiers and the production of nanofibers, which constitute an additional, innovative way to improve the properties of bitumen emulsions. Instead of forwarding waste to landfills, it will be recycled and used again, continues Grzegorz Nieradka.

As part of the project, consistent information and promotion activities are carried out in parallel, and actions are taken to increase public awareness of the potential associated with the application of nanotechnology in road engineering and construction.

We organize cross-sectoral debates. I myself gave a series of lectures devoted to our project during national and international conferences such as Chemika Expo in Szczecin, Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów, at the debate in Liptovsky Mikulas in Slovakia, the debate at the Cracow University of Technology as well as during the Conference of Building Chemistry Industry in Warsaw and many more. We have also participated in fairs in Frankfurt, Dubai, Warsaw, Rzeszów and Kielce, says the Deputy Project Coordinator.

The company’s activity so far has been recognized by scientific and business communities. Deriving from the Podkarpacie region, Flukar is the winner of the Polish Innovation Award 2015, Region Leader 2015 in the petrochemical industry category. The Central National Certification Bureau nominated Flukar in the category of the Company of the Year 2016, and the Centre for Intelligent Development awarded the nomination for the Polish Intelligent Development Award in 2016 and 2017.

Numerous specialist articles in the trade press can be found on the LIFE EMU NEW project. The project also has its website and profiles on social networks.