Exchange of experiences

Exchange of experiences
Exchange of experiences
  • Lucyna Korzekwa
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Concern for environmental protection and waste management should accompany everyone in everyday life as well as in the activities of any company, be it production or service. It is important that companies exchange ideas for the implementation of solutions for environmental protection. Such an opportunity was, among others ENEX-EKOTECH 2018 fair in Kielce. During this event, promotional materials concerning the implemented LIFE EMU NEW project were delivered to the stand of the Agency Neemo – Life Program. During the fair, in order to establish cooperation, we also visited stands of other entities from the waste management sector – among others foreign and domestic companies dealing in recycling, waste management cluster and stands of publishing companies related thematically to waste management. During the fair, we also participated in a conference organized by ŚCTT in Kielce and the Kingdom of Norway on environmental protection and waste management.