X Economic Forum Europe - Ukraine

X Economic Forum Europe – Ukraine
X Economic Forum Europe – Ukraine
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Flukar and Life Emu New project participants on the X Europe Economic Forum in Rzeszow.

The Economic Forum is close to a thousand participants from 26 countries, more than 40 events – debates, lectures and presentations.

The conference was attended by nearly a thousand guests, almost half of whom – guests from abroad, including over 250 people – from Ukraine.

In the X Forum Europe – Ukraine participated, among others representatives of governments, parliamentarians, EU policymakers, businessmen and experts from Ukraine, Poland, EU countries and the United States.

Among the most important foreign guests X Forum Europe – Ukraine should be mentioned among others.

Victor Dolidze (Georgia) – Minister of European Integration and Atlantic Georgia –
Peter Wagner – Director of the Support Group for Ukraine at the European Commission,
Vytautas Umbrassa (Lithuania) – Deputy Minister of Defense of Lithuania,
Gordana Čomić (Serbia) – Vice-President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia,
Mihaly Balla (Hungary) – Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Hungary,
Rebecca Harms (Germany) – Member of the European Parliament,
Lodovico Sony (Italy) – Italian senator,
Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica (Latvia) – Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Andrius Kubilius (Lithuania) – Former Prime Minister of Lithuania,
Anatoliya Kinacha (Ukraine) – former Prime Minister of Ukraine,
Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech Republic) – Former Czech Foreign Minister,
Roger Casale (Great Britain) – Founder and President of “New Europeans”,
President (USA) – “The Potomac Foundation”,
Andreas Umland (Germany) – Eastern Expert,
Boris Reitschuster (Germany) – publicist

During the Forum there were two plenary sessions, presentations and more than 35 panel discussions covered in four curricula: Business and economy, European integration and reform, International politics and Society.

Economic Forum – Summary