INTERNATIONAL DEBATE in Slovakia – Summary
INTERNATIONAL DEBATE in Slovakia – Summary
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On 13th of January 2017 in Liptovský Mikuláš in Slovakia took place I INTERNATIONAL DEBATE within the Life Emu New project.

In Debate took place mainly of representatives of companies and institutions operating in Slovakia in the field of communication, road and automotive.

The content of the Debates was chaired by Deputy Project Coordinator – Mr Grzegorz Nieradka.

Within the framework of the Debate we prepared 2 lectures:

I Presen:tation
“Double-modified asphalt emulsion – onnovation and benefits”

II Presentation:
“Innovative technology to produce double-modified asphalt emulsion and its impact on positive envirrnomental effects”

After each presentation there was a discussion. Participants were very interested about the project and the possibility of applying emulsions for industrial purposes. The participants were very interested about the technical solutions that will be applied to the production of asphalt emulsions and the level of advancement of the project.